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Vinyl or wood. Which one is right for you? We’ve shed some light on the key differences between the two, so you can find the window that’s perfect for your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know my windows will need to be replaced?

Common signs your windows need replacing start with age. If your windows are 25 years old or more it is time to consider replacing them. It will allow you to maximize the energy efficiency that new windows bring while lowering your overall energy costs in the long run. When windows become difficult to open, fog up excessively, ice up on the inside, have drafts and air leaks, the windows have outlived their lifespan and need to be replaced.

Can new windows lower my energy consumption?

Certainly, cost savings are one of the many benefits of new windows. Newer technology and product materials have drastically increased the efficiency of windows. Over time, the investment you make today will be returned to you when you install our windows.

Will condensation be eliminated if I buy new windows?

Not necessarily. Condensation is a multifaceted interior environmental issue. Energy-efficient windows will significantly decrease condensation but, because of other factors, may not eliminate it altogether. Managing humidity and airflow in your home plays a large part in the elimination of condensation.

During the winter months, use your dehumidifier or open up your fireplace damper (if applicable) to let the moist air out. You can also open up the drapes and the blinds in your home to let warm air circulate around the windows.

What can I expect when it comes to the install from Rocksolid?

Rocksolid Windows & Doors Ltd. will contact you approximately 1 week in advance to finalize your installation date. We always strive to adhere to these dates, however as our work is completed outdoors weather can often create last minute schedule changes. We will work our best to minimize possible installation delays.

What time will the installation crew show up at my house?

Installation crew generally arrives between 8:30 – 9:30am, unless otherwise instructed.

Are you an award winning company?

Yes! We received the 2020 & 2021 Top Choice Award for Window & Door Company in Windsor.

We were also given the Guildmaster with Highest Distinction Award from Guildquality in 2020 & 2021 for demonstrating exceptional customer service within the residential construction industry. Check it out at

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